About Us

A Quality Company

Pharmco is a manufacturer of Pure and Denatured Ethanol, High-Purity chemicals and Sterile Solvents. As a brand of Greenfield Global, one of North America's leading Ethanol Producers, we represent Quality, Integrity, and Service to the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Allied Health, Food, Flavor, Fragrance, Institutional and General Industrial markets.

Quality People

Ready to Assist you:

  • Ethanol formulations
  • Regulatory compliance (TTB)
  • Custom solvent development
  • Reagent grade determination
  • High purity solvent selection
  • Sterile solvents: small packaging and contract volumes
  • Technical support / Validation requirements
  • World-class customer service

Quality Process

Resources to Empower you:

  • Total quality system under ISO registration
  • Organic, Kosher, HACCP & cGMP operations
  • Class 10,000 Clean Room and White Room facilities
  • Document and change control systems
  • Separate Quality Control and Quality Assurance departments
  • Nine finished goods warehouses throughout the USA
  • Dedicated ethanol manufacturing and packaging facilities

Quality Products

Added Value to Benefit you:

  • The highest analytical quality ethanol in the world
  • The largest range of pure and denatured ethanol products in North America
  • High purity solvents, solvent blends and chemicals
  • Sterile and bio-friendly solvents(endotoxin free & gamma irradiated)
  • Custom ethanol cuts and formulas
  • Custom solvent blends
  • Product scale up from kilos to metric tons
  • Finished product packaged in pints, gallons, pails, drums, totes, tank trucks and rail cars
  • Security of supply and quality control from raw material to finished products

Pharmco & Commercial Alcohols are part of the Greenfield Global family of companies.