At Pharmco we define customer service as the "value-added service" we provide, not just by the courtesy we extend. Our concept of customer service is reflected in the ideals of flexibility, responsiveness, ownership, confidence, enthusiasm, and technical competence.

"Service" such as the issuance of product samples, product literature, specification sheets, certificates of analysis and SDSs, serve as examples. Order tracking, freight quotes and analysis, purchasing assistance as well as training and guidance to navigate the maze of government regulations when seeking to obtain, purchase and operate under a Federal Alcohol Permit are others. Customer service is defined in terms of our response to the myriad of quality-related issues and connecting those needs with our quality system, one of the most comprehensive quality programs found in the ethanol industry today. It is helping you to select the appropriate alcohol formula for your application from among the hundreds of variations, to helping you located the specific technical document form among the thousands found in our technical library.

Customer service is also defined in terms of our training, knowledge, and competence in our response to your "immediate" needs for products, pricing and delivery. Our ability to satisfy demands for immediate answers and your requests for flexibility on pricing, custom specifications, custom label requirements, special handling and other customer-specific needs is at the heart of true "customer service." Ultimately customer service is reflected in how you experience the highest ideal of our Quality Program, Customer Satisfaction. With every inquiry and every order, we are committed to putting you first. Our goal is to try to make your customer-service experience with Pharmco as stress-free and pleasant as possible.

Pharmco & Commercial Alcohols are part of the Greenfield Global family of companies.